We just learned about these flesh eating bugs and we’re FREAKING OUT

If you’re as squeamish as we are, you may want to read this with caution, because this is seriously creepy news. Just in time for Halloween, we’re learning about these FLESH. EATING. BUGS. And only kinda of freaking TF out. According to Mic, screwworms, these flesh eating bugs that were thought to be banished 30 years ago, just returned to Florida, much to everyone’s horrors, because, obviously. 

Commissioner of Agriculture Adam H. Putnam explained,

"The screwworm is a potentially devastating animal disease that sends shivers down every rancher's spine. It's been more than five decades since the screwworm last infested Florida, and I've grown up hearing the horror stories from the last occurrence."


GROSS. GROSS. GROSS. Probably one of the grossest things we’ve ever heard.

But don’t freak out TOO much!

Screwworms tend to go for “livestock, dogs and deer,” and only rarely go for humans.

Good news? Maybe. You should still know how to recognize the signs of an infection, which, cccording to the Atlantic, happens when they “lay eggs in open wounds” and “hatched larvae burrow, corkscrew-like, through flesh.”


Ack. Well, we wanted a freaky Halloween, right?! Seems like we 100% got one. Ugh, we need to go take a million showers, now.