We just got news on the “Cruel Intentions” TV show, and we are NOT happy

At the risk of sounding wholly unoriginal, we must announce that we have some rather cruel news for you. Deadline has reported that the TV reboot of Cruel Intentions is officially canceled. Since even Sarah Michelle Gellar, was part of the remake, this announcement is particularly devastating for fans of the original 1999 movie.

The TV series was originally going to be on NBC and star adult Gellar still being manipulative as ever. The premise was that she would be trying to gain control of not only Valmont International, but also of Bash Casey — the son of her step-brother Sebastian and Annette (gasp!). That sounds like the perfect mix of nostalgia and juicy melodrama to us, but NBC has decided to pass on the series.

To people who are overwhelmed by the revival phenomenon, the death of the Cruel Intentions reboot may sound like a good thing. And we get that if straight-to-video Cruel Intentions 2 and Cruel Intentions 3 were going to be any indication.

Yet, the involvement of Gellar gave this series such amazingly evil promise, so we’re totally bummed out right now.

 Yet, all hope is not lost! Deadline says that the production studio, Sony TV, may redevelop the idea. Apparently, Sony TV has been shopping the idea to other networks. As the cast is already in place and the pilot has been shot, we’re totally for this.

Does that mean that with a little tweaking Cruel Intentions the TV show could become the next Netflix revival?!

We obviously want any sort of Cruel Intentions reboot done the right way, so maybe the NBC show not moving forward will lead to a new and improved TV series inspired by the movie.

However, no matter what happens, is it too much to ask that we get to see the pilot starring Gellar? While we might not stoop to the heinous depths of her character Kathryn, we’re pretty sure we’d do some unorthodox things to be able to watch it because we need some joy in this cruel world right now.