We interviewed our fashion crush, Rachel Antonoff

“Mail Order Interviews” are illustrated interviews with awesome humans conducted via mail. This particular one is with fashion darling Rachel Antonoff, a New York based designer. Here’s what you need to know about her:

If you don’t know Rachel Antonoff and her wonderful and whimsical fashion line yet, now is your chance to change all that and get with the program. Rachel is an awesome New York-based fashion designer. Her fashion line is awesome. Her family is awesome (she’s the older sister of Jack Antonoff, lead guitarist of the band Fun.). She’s just the best!

Rachel’s making a name for herself in a big way with her unique and inspiring collections. Her looks are for every girl–comfortable, practical, hip, and flattering. She has a knack for making fashion fun, friendly, and amazingly non-threatening. Plus, she has only the coolest and most with-it women model her clothes, like comedian Jenny Slate, actresses Aubrey Plaza (see below!) and Alia Shawkat, illustrator Julia Pott, and writer Katherine Bernard. . . to name just a few.

If all that weren’t enough, Rachel’s got a totally creative approach to presenting her new collections each season. She partners with talented filmmakers and directors to bring her fashions to life. (Check out this amazing video she created with she-ro Lena Dunham).

All in all, Rachel is a fashion superstar. Obviously, I’m really excited to bring you her Mail-Order Interview. Here’s what she had to say (and draw) for herself:

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