OMG: We had no idea this happens to your nipples when you get pregnant

By far one of the most interesting (and confusing) stages of life is pregnancy. Like, seriously. So much happens to your body when you’re pregnant, and so quickly, too. SELF talked to Sejal Shah, M.D., a board certified dermatologist and RealSelf advisor, about what changes to expect when you’re pregnant. One of the most unexpected parts? That your your nipples seriously change. Wait, what?!

According to Shah, when you’re pregnant, your nipples get bigger and darken.


You also start to get loads of little bumps that look a little like pimples around your nipple called Montgomery’s tubercles. This is actually pretty cool. Science!

Shah explains,

“[They] are actually sebaceous (oil) glands that can be an early sign of pregnancy."

According to Parents, when you’re pregnant, your nipples change shape so that your baby can more easily latch on. Eek! We’d never even though about this.

And that’s not all, friends!

When you’re pregnant, you also get oily nipples, too!


Yep, that’s right. Oily nipples. According to BabyBelly, the Montgomery’s tubercles (remember those? How could you forget!) are sebaceous glands. They secrete an oil during pregnancy. But don’t worry! It has a purpose. Those oily nipples discourage bacteria, and, according to Parentsoily nipples help prevent cracking and drying during breastfeeding.

See? It all has a point! While it may seem freaky at first, these body changes are 100% natural.

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