We got a glimpse of Mindy Kaling’s baby bump in her latest Instagram post

It seems like actress Mindy Kaling’s baby bump is the star of the show in her latest Instagram photo. And as expected, she’s glowing more and more every time we see her.

While it was rumored that Kaling was expecting back in July, the star of The Mindy Project confirmed it herself in an interview with Willie Geist on an episode of TODAY that aired in September. In it, she admitted that the idea of pregnancy was “so unknown” to her, which she saw as being a fun new challenge. For those who have never experienced pregnancy, it’s very tough to have little control over what’s happening in your body.

While word was floating around regarding the sex of the baby a month prior, Kaling confirmed this October that she’s expecting a girl. During an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the actress said that she couldn’t wait to find out, and wanted to know as soon as possible. During that appearance, she also said that Oprah Winfrey, her co-star from the film A Wrinkle in Time, ended up spilling the beans by announcing the pregnancy during press time. But hey, that’s a story that’ll be incredible to tell her little girl someday.

That said, it makes sense that Kaling debuted the bump while showcasing some voice-over work.

At that very moment, she was recording something special. According to People, the photo was taken during her last recording session for The Mindy Project, which will wrap up after six seasons.

All in all, Kaling seems to be enjoying her pregnancy — so perhaps more bump photos will be on the way soon.

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