We finally know why Steve Bannon always wears so many shirts

Some people have noticed that Donald Trump’s former advisor, Steve Bannon, often wears two button-down shirts. Whenever he’s not wearing a tie, it looks like he wears one collared shirt over the other, and then a jacket. Perhaps this is why he always looks so….uncomfortable? Anyway, last week, he appeared on CBS’ 60 Minutes donning the look, and Twitter obviously went wild. That was until some people dredged up pictures showing that this was a choice Bannon makes on the regular.

According to New York‘s The Cut, Bannon’s representatives did not respond to the two-shirt scandal on the record, but they did offer “friends” and sources who were happy to give some insight on the matter. First of all, it’s not a mistake! Like, Bannon’s not so busy that he didn’t realize he was wearing two shirts, which TBH was sort of our first thought. This is actually an intentional style choice.

He calls it “beach wear,” which is odd, since we can’t imagine bundling up like that for a day of sand and sun. But then again, we don’t understand a lot of things about Mr. Bannon. Other sources suggested that it was something he picked up at his military prep school, Benedictine College Preparatory in Virginia.

According to The Cut, a representative for the school didn’t know what the exact uniform was when Bannon graduated back in 1971, but that it does often consist of “wearing camouflage fatigues and sometimes dress shirts, or pants and tunics.” But! The rep added, “There’s not multiple shirts.”


Hm, the mystery of Bannon’s two shirts continues.

However, the rep added that he and Bannon are the same age and he recalls that at the time in Virginia, guys would wear a “turtleneck with a shirt and a jacket,” so maybe that’s where it comes from. However, it’s not JUST TWO. Bannon’s spokesperson reportedly told The Cut, “Never two. N-e-v-e-r t-w-o. Never one. Certainly n-e-v-e-r o-n-e. And most of the time never two. It’s usually three, he usually has three shirts on.”

Three shirts!

His brother, Chris Bannon, confirmed this to The Cut, saying that an undershirt, dress shirt, and a blazer is pretty signature. Bannon also always carries pens (the Pilot Precise V5 Stick Rolling Ball Pen, for stationary lovers out there) in his pocket. A few pens, a few shirts. false

So we don’t really know precisely why Bannon wears multiple shirts, but we do know that it’s not just a fluke or something he did just for the 60 Minutes interview so he wouldn’t be seen visibly sweating on TV. Although, come to think of it, that sounds like a likely reason, too. America may never know.

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