We finally know if Selena Gomez’s new song is actually about Justin Bieber

They’ve both moved on (for now) but when they were on? Oh, they were on. That’s why a lot of people figured that Selena Gomez’s new song was about Justin Bieber — since musicians often pen songs that include their deepest feelings.

Gomez released her brand new song “It Ain’t Me” last week. While it’s a lot of fun, there’s no doubt about it — the song is about heartbreak. A topic that Gomez is pretty familiar with.

Here’s a brief timeline refresher: Gomez and Bieber dated from 2010, and were on and off until calling it quits in 2014. The relationship was discussed pretty heavily throughout 2015, with Bieber claiming that Gomez was the only “bad” breakup he’s ever had.

So with lyrics like ‘Somewhere along the lines, We stopped seeing eye to eye, You were staying out all night, And I had enough,” you have to wonder…is it about Justin Bieber?


The answer? Not really. The song was heavily written by Andrew Watt, who Gomez was familiar with prior to the song’s release. She was actually interested in the project and brought in for vocals after the fact.

She did, however, feel a connection with those lyrics.

The song, which also features Kygo, is definitely pretty memorable and relatable, so we can totally see how this all happened.

"When she heard it, she knew," said songwriter Ali Tamposi, who also had a big part in constructing the tune. "I think at that time in her life, the song spoke to her."

Tamposi added that while she can’t clarify if Gomez sang it for Bieber, she can definitely vouch for the fact that Gomez used it to prove her individual strength.

As for Bieber, he’s been very open about the songs he’s written about Gomez. He’s admitted that three songs on his album Purpose had her in mind.

While it’s a shame that the two couldn’t make it work, hey — at least they still inspire each other.

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