We finally have a scientifically-backed reason to not clean our homes

Having a clean home is one of life’s little joys, right? But by the time Sunday rolls around you’re probably like us and think, “I HATE CLEANING!”


While there are plenty of excuses you can come up with to NOT clean your home, deep-down you probably know most of those are not very good reasons.

Here’s where science can help!

Allard Dembe, professor of health services mangement and policy at Ohio State University’s College of Public Health, looked at women from the working generation of the ’70s to ’80s. This was a time when more and more women were having careers, but also still dealing with daily chores back home.

Dembe told The Huffington Post, “My speculation is that women have to play a lot of multiple roles.” He continued, “It’s less surprising that women who are then into their 50s and 60s are really bearing the disease repercussions of what’s happened during those early years of really working their butts off.”


Backing up this theory, women who work over 60 hours a week are more likely to have have serious health problems like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer vs. men who work the same hours. Largely because of the underlying assumption that women are doing additional work at home in the form of chores.


It’s interesting to see that housework isn’t just annoying, but possibly very damaging to our health, too. And while we now have a pretty good excuse to NOT do housework, we still have to wonder, “Who will do it FOR US?” Any volunteers?