We could be getting gender-inclusive emojis by the end of the year

We’ve seen so much diversity with emojis recently. But, since they’re a prime way we communicate with each other, we can still do better. In fact, it’s been hinted that gender-inclusive emojis are on the way, and could arrive on your iPhone no later than the end of this year. For those who don’t identify as male or female, or perhaps identify as both, this is incredible news.

Not only does a move like this make more people feel represented, but it’s a good way to prove that the world will never stop celebrating diversity and differences — no matter what.

The three new possible emojis are on Unicode’s draft emoji list, for the 2017 release called “Emoji Version 5.0.”

All draft picks are subject to change, but we’ve got a feeling that these gender-inclusive emojis will likely make the cut.


They’re listed on the roundup as “Adult,” “Older Adult,” and “Child” — but the Emojipedia is also recognizing them as “Gender Neutral Adult,” “Gender Neutral Older Adult,” and “Gender Neutral Child.”

It looks like typeface designer Paul D. Hunt is responsible for getting these three new faces in the lineup.

"I proposed the addition of the gender inclusive emoji characters in order to provide better representation for people who want to express themselves in emoji as exactly that: just people," Hunt wrote in a blog. "Not everyone identifies as male or female. Some of us identify as a bit of both, or neither, or something else altogether."

We’re so happy that Hunt knows why this is such an important development. And we’re eagerly anticipating that they’ll make it to the final cut!