We can’t stop looking at this weird Japanese mascot

When it comes to sports, we’re all about the mascots. That’s why we’ve got our eye on a fish mascot named “Nazo no Sakana,” who has started making appearances at Chiba Lotte Marines games in Japan. The Marines have a few mascots already, so it seems a little surprising to add another one to the roster. But once you see Nazo no Sakana, which translates to “The Mysterious Fish” according to Kotaku, you’ll wonder how games went on without him.

Maybe it’s the facial expression, or the fact that Nazo no Sakana sometimes ejects a human “spine” out of his wide mouth on the field. Who knows? What we do know is that we can’t stop looking at the videos fans took of him during the big game. false

This next one is pretty much us every Friday while leaving work.

Nazo no Sakana also has some pretty impressive moves.

And here’s a close-up. Just because.


Finally, here he is getting into some mid-game antics.


Even though the new mascot has been incredibly popular, CBS Sports has reported that this wild fish might be on hiatus for a few games in the future. We’re hoping his brief absence is in order to add more to his act, because we definitely want more GIFs and videos of this guy.

Speaking of, have they made Nazo no Sakana merchandise yet? Because we need it. All of it.

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