We Can Help You Take the Perfect Selfie

Since everything is now on that digital tip, photographs are no longer just “click and go.” As you’ve probably heard enough by now, they “live forever“. Feeling the pressure a bit? Well, you’re not alone. Since camera phones, Instagram and now the new video app VINE have come out, people all over – celeb or not – are feeling the pressure to get the perfect pic. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Now, of course some people feel a bit vain when they are getting their mug snapped, but I have befriended many a fabulous photographer in my day (namely LA based photographer Bradley Meinz, who I simply adore) and his advice for snapping the perfect shot is this: “When you are posing for the camera, become the character you can’t be in real life. That’s when we get the best shot.” Trust your photographer. That is something I apply every time I shoot, whether I know the photog or not. I trust their vision. Mostly because I see things differently than they and the camera do.

Now what happens when the photographer is, well, you? That’s #Selfie talk. Selfies are the new age way of getting your mug out there by your own hand. Believe me when I say the perfect selfie is hard to come by these days.  If you notice, most people opt for the mirror effect so they can replicate the image. Tsk, tsk. That, my dears, is an ultimate ‘no no.’ It lacks depth and character. It is merely laziness, if you want to go even further. There are ways – whether by wardrobe, lighting or camera angles – that can get you shining bright like a diamond #Selfie #Style.

Stylist and fashion designer Jeanne Yang, who works alongside Katie Holmes’ line, had some easy breezy tips for a night out when you know you will be photographed, whether professionally or by your own hand.

  1. Opt for well-fitted clothing. You will appear skinnier. (You should know this by now!)
  2. Bright colors pop and add color to your features. (Enough with the black, ya’ll.)
  3. Patterns (the smaller the better) can mask body flaws.
  4. Wear heels (if you’re into that sort of thing – I’m not). The effect is that it turns your hips a certain way, adding shape.
  5. Keep accessories simple. This is something people don’t realize. When you are out and about getting photographed, one staple piece will look better than piles of jewelry.

Now get out there and get that photo on, ya’ll. And feel free to follow me on Instagram at JCcoccoli to see how I work these tips on a daily. Cheers!

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