We can FEEL Kandee Johnson and Jerrod Blandino’s excitement about their upcoming Too Faced project

The king of beauty sneak peeks and teases has struck again — we don’t even need to say his name because you know who he is! Okay, we’ll say it: Jerrod Blandino! He and Kandee Johnson are collaborating on something at Too Faced, and their excitement is making us excited, too! What could it be? Makeup artist and blogger Kandee Johnson has made her name with incredibly bright and colorful makeup tutorials, so we know that whatever it is, it’s gonna be VIBRANT!

Judging by all the pictures Jerrod and Kandee have posted on social media, it’s a very happy collaboration. They truly are two of the most positive forces in the beauty industry!

We’re thrilled for them!

Our gut reaction was that it’s a lipstick collection, but then we got a look at this picture Trendmood posted from Kandee’s Snapchat, and now we aren’t sure!

Well, it clearly says “set.” That could mean anything! A lipstick and blush set? An eyeshadow set? A lip kit? We’re dying over here!

Judging from Kandee’s aesthetic and Jerrod’s liberal use of emoji’s we’re hoping that it’s candy-themed! Wouldn’t that be just the most appropriate collaboration?

What if it’s a whole face of makeup’s worth of products? We don’t know if we would survive that, actually.

Kandee’s been in the game for a long time, and she knows what makeup works well, what beauty lovers want to be using, and what looks great. Combined with Jerrod’s passion for high-quality products that are beautiful as well as useful, we have a feeling that this collaboration is going to knock it out of the park!

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