We are completely obsessed with Zara’s new “Wonder Woman”-themed collection

We all need a few good power outfits to boost us with the confidence needed to battle the demons of everyday life, and now, according to a report from Who What Wear, Zara has released a Wonder Woman collection to accessorize us with the ultimate power outfit(s). Picture yourself armed with a lasso, channeling the superhuman strength of Wonder Woman while walking through the city to your job, feels great — doesn’t it?! Thanks to the clothing brand’s new collection, called Comic Meets Denim, you can harness superhero strength in a small assortment of graphic tees, leather jackets, sweatshirts or patched jeans.

Even perusing the collection leaves us feeling more powerful and ready to take on the evils of the world.

You can scroll through the whole collection on the Zara website, which includes goodies such as this Wonder Woman sweatshirt, $50.


There’s also this classic Wonder Woman T-shirt, $22.90.


Naturally, you can’t piece together a power outfit without Wonder Woman jeans, $70.


If nothing else, this cute new collection reminds us that when in doubt, we should be channeling out our inner Wonder Woman. Because one thing is for sure, superheroes get it done!

You can shop the whole collection here if your heart pleases.