We are amazed by this beauty blogger who created a makeup look using only her opposite hand

If you are a person who is ambidextrous you’re blessed beyond comprehension since for most of us, our opposite hand is absolutely useless when it comes to pretty much everything! Beauty blogger Nikkie Tutorials decided to see just how useless her left hand is when it comes to applying makeup. She’s started a new trend by doing a wrong-handed full face makeup tutorial!

Can you even imagine? We’d look like a four-year-old within seconds, it’s ridiculous! That said, not everyone is as terrible as we are at using their opposite hand, so we were excited to see if Nikkie was able to make herself look as glamorous as she usually does. If it were us, we’d probably have to have a couple drinks first!


She starts with a stick foundation, which is smart, as that seems like a surefire way to not mess up too badly!


It takes her a while to figure out how to even HOLD her Beautyblender before she is able to figure out how to properly blend her foundation.


Hey, it could look worse!

Concealer requires a more nerve-wracking precision.


The powder could look worse! But she is like, clumsily and hilariously rough with it.


Hey, the full face situation looks pretty good to us!


She’s scared going into the brows, but they’re not too bad!


The eyeshadow is a bit clunkily applied, but girl is blending like a pro!


Girlfriend even gets some lashes on!


Hello cheeks!


Even those lips come on looking better than we do on our good days with our correct hand!


Suffice it to say, it looks like her experiment turned out pretty fabulous!


There’s just no way we’d come even close to this! She definitely has the advantage of her natural artistry, because the rest of us would be completely lost. What do you think? Would you ever attempt?

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