The #WEAREALLUNCOOL campaign has celebs dishing about their biggest insecurities

It’s been a good week for selfies so far (and it’s only Monday!). First, we get Mae Whitman’s unretouched selfie promoting body positivity, and now we’ve discovered a new social media campaign that asks us to reveal our deepest insecurities on Tumblr — and it’s awesome. The project is called: #WEAREALLUNCOOL.

DJ Nicole Alvarez and photographer Tamar Levine created the Tumblr project, asking their listeners to post and tag selfies with three things that make them feel “uncool.” Their mission? To unite people via those little insecurities that make each of us authentically ourselves. Or, as they explain on their Tumblr page, “to make social media presence more genuine, realistic, and unfiltered — to be exactly who we are; to unify, to elevate, and to celebrate the things we usually hide.”

The responses have been amazing so far, with everything from people talking about being bullied, to body insecurities, to admitting that they like binge-watching Frasier and wearing granny nightgowns (we’ve all been there, and Frasier is a rad show). Some of the posts are from celebrities, which makes us realize hey, we’re all human, and we’ve all got things that make us feel awkward, even famous people. Instead of feeling badly about ourselves we should celebrate ourselves.

The campaigns vision really sums the whole principle up simply and perfectly:

Here are some of our favorite images and excerpts from the #WEAREALLUNCOOL project. Just use these celeb confessions as a little reminder that even those people who you’ve decided are the coolest people on the planet, are just humans like you and me. We all have insecurities, and in a funny way that should make us all feel a bit better.

Josh Freese, voted one of the top 50 drummers of all time by Spin magazine, still feels like he isn’t that great. He writes in his submission: “[I] constantly think I should be better than I am and that I don’t deserve the amount of praise I get sometimes.” He also feels like he doesn’t fit in a lot of the time, especially when it comes to the other parents at his kids’ school. Also, he fell today at the airport. 

Tony Hawk, one of our all-time favorite skateboarding heroes, feels insecure about his age. “Seeing comments on social media that consistently say I look “old” or “baked” hurt my feelings. I am old; I don’t like being reminded how much it affects my appearance,” he writes. ?

Artist Brynn Perrott is self-conscious about not having her driver’s license at 32. She also has “a lisp that makes me nervous to hear my own voice. I attended speech classes but they could never fix it,” she writes. Another confession she made is that she quotes the Christmas Carol daily, which we think that’s actually pretty darn cool.

Cobra Starship keytarist Victoria Asher admits she was bullied in school for being “tall and shy,” and she still feels shy sometimes. Also her guilty pleasure is “having Weezer singalongs by myself and/or dancing around my room like an idiot to super cheesy pop songs.”

Former Marilyn Manson bassist Fred Sablan admits he’s always struggled with his weight, had “bad haircuts” and generally still sees himself as “awkward” a lot of the time.

Michelle Branch (our fave) still feels insecure about the birthmark on her face, and says, “I know I shouldn’t care about what people think but . . . surprise!” She also admits that her “bedroom walls were covered in Hanson posters as a teenager,” which I must confess, I’m guilty of as well.

Honestly, there are so many other amazing confessions on the Tumblr. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Hearing other people’s insecurities actually makes us love them more, which in turn makes us feel better about our own insecurities. It’s all a big love circle, really.

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