We are all going to want to do Rihanna’s stylish t-shirt hack

The Caribbean sweetie, singer and multi-millionaire Rihanna was spotted twice on the streets of Manhattan this week wearing an off-the-shoulder look with pants and sneakers. Unsurprisingly to those who have joyfully witnessed the many styles of Rihanna, both times she managed to look comfortable and cute, which is a two-part venn diagram we’re always down to be a part of. Teach us your t-shirt hacks, Rihanna, and we will never go fashion-hungry a day in our lives.

On Tuesday, RiRi was spotted in Tribeca wearing an over-the-shoulder, Tupac “Dear Mama” shirt paired with black leather pants, and she looks fabulous.


On Wednesday she rocked a completely different over-the-shoulder look, this time pairing loose jeans with an oversized light gray hoodie. Still cute.


She also managed to wear a shirt with her own childhood photo on it, OVER a couture gown and look amazing as hell, because well, she’s Rihanna.


Maybe she’ll take scissors to that one next.

Are you feeling ready to cut up or stretch out the necklines of your t-shirts yet?! If so, we’ve gathered a few RiRi-inspired shopping options to satisfy your needs.

This Selena x Tupac Still Dreamin’ Shirt from Bella Dona, $38


This Tupac Chakra Love Shirt from Bella Dona, $34


This Triple OG’s Shirt from Bella Dona, $36


This 2Pac Women’s Shirt from Etsy, $12


Now you can rock a comfortably stylish over-the-shoulder look just like Rihanna.


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