We adore this video of Amy Adams demonstrating how to throw a football

Sports aren’t just for boys — we’ve proven that a lot during the last few decades. But, we’re still pretty charmed by this video of Amy Adams demonstrating how to throw a football. We’ve gotten to watch Adams in some incredible movies throughout the last few years, so it’s nice to see her athletic side as well.

The video was created for Vanity Fair. The magazine created a “segment” called “Secret Talent Theater,” and we seriously hope that more celebrities continue the tradition of showing off their lesser-known skills. (We’ve seen Jennifer Lawrence mime like a pro already, but we always want more.) Really, with videos like this, we all win.

So sit back, relax, and learn all about football.


"I was raised by a bunch of football-loving men," Adams admitted. "I'm really, really good at like, a mini Nerf ball, but I'll do my best with this."

Here are her suggestions:

You want to line your fingers up with the laces, place your thumb under the ball, step back and point at where you want the ball to go, and — in the words of Adams — “let it rip.”

Adams also adds a bit of personal flair to the end of all of her throws, which she admitted that she got teased for. But, originality and talent helped get her to where she is today, so nobody should judge her method.

Even though it’s the end of January, now we’re more inspired than ever to go outside and throw a football around. We’re just glad we got these tips before Super Bowl Sunday!

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