9 Mindy and Danny Things That Make Us Feel the Feels

I’m 26 years old, and nothing makes me go “squee” quite like a moment shared between Danny Castellano and Mindy Lahiri.

You know those terrible people critics who say things like, “Now that Danny and Mindy are together, The Mindy Project isn’t going to be the same?” Well, they’re right. It isn’t going to be the same—it’s going to be even MORE amazing and hilarious.

In case you forgot, tonight is the premiere of the new season! I’ve been a huge fan of seeing Danny and Mindy together since day one. Now that they’ve made it official, I think their relationship is going to add only good things to the show. They’ve had so many great moments as friends, but their best moments are yet to come as a couple. Starting in tonight we get to experience them in a whole new way, so to celebrate, here are nine things we adore about Mindy and Danny.

1. They have crazy chemistry

The airplane kiss. The airplane kiss! Plus that near-kiss that one time in the lounge. And also that one time after the Aaliyah dance (I’m a woman obsessed). Danny and Mindy’s “moment before the moment” is always crazy-electric, and I can’t get enough

2. Mindy isn’t afraid to tell him “no“

When Danny said, “I love you” and Mindy came back with, “You love me, until you don’t,” part of me was like damn it, Mindy, just go to him. But the other stronger part was like, “you go, girl!” She loves him, but she isn’t consumed by him; she can still think for herself, and will still keep her own identity in their relationship.

3. Danny genuinely thinks she’s great

I mean, really great. Danny Castellano, ice man of little emotion, has his unprovoked moments of telling Mindy that she’s perfect just the way she is, that she shouldn’t change her looks or that the guy she’s crushing on isn’t out of her league. Obviously he took notice of her earlier than we thought.

4. They’re always sharing this very specific adoring look

It’s like Danny forgot to breathe, and Mindy just received the greatest compliment on Earth. And it’s the best. Stop it, guys. No, don’t stop. Keep going. Even when they were just friends, they still shared this look, but only with each other.

5. Mindy keeps it real

If I had a dollar for every time Mindy started a sentence with “Okay. . .” and started undoing the tale of negative nonsense Danny had just spun, I’d buy the rights to The Mindy Project and ensure it was never canceled.

6. They were friends first

Some of the greatest TV (and real life) romantic relationships are built on friendships: Nick and Jess, Luke and Lorelei, Jim and Pam, Chandler and Monica. Their humble beginnings coupled with their “will they or won’t they?” chemistry makes their now-romantic relationship all the more satisfying.

7. They’re already comfortable together

They see each other every day at work, and they’ve had sleepovers before they were officially sleeping over. Not to mention that Danny saw Mindy naked (with permission) long before they were a thing when he was her doctor for all of five minutes.

8. They got together the right way

No cheating, no lying (minus the whole Andy thing), no sneaking around. Danny and Mindy were both single when they met on top of the Empire State Building, and their relationship has a pure beginning.

9. Everything about them just feels right

Not to mention, they are an extremely good-looking pair. We’ve been waiting two seasons for this. What should their celebrity couple name be—Manny? Dindy? My vote is for Dr. Castelahiri. Let the countdown to season three begin!

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