We actually love Ariana Grande’s new hair in her music video with Stevie Wonder

Ariana Grande debuted a new music video with Stevie Wonder, and also a gorgeous blonde hairstyle that we are loving!

The two singers teamed up for “Faith,” a funky, catchy song on the upcoming animated movie Sing‘s soundtrack.

The video starts out with Ariana skipping down a sidewalk (in super cute heels, obvs), animated drawings of the movie’s characters popping up on the brick wall next to her.

Her hair is blonde, half of it styled into a perfect top-bun while the rest is straight and free. We seriously cannot get over how amaze it looks!

Between Ariana’s hairstyle, her confident strut down the sidewalk, and those heavenly vocals, she’s too heart-eye emoji to handle TBH.


The video continues with her meeting up with Stevie, and they finish off the song at the piano together. It’s pure magic.

“I’m good now, that’s it for me,” Ariana told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show about recording the song with Stevie. “Every time I got comfortable with the fact that I was arm-in-arm in a booth with Stevie Wonder, he would hit a Stevie run, and I would be like ‘Oh sh**!’ Surreal.”

We’re still not over it either, Ariana! We may or may not be playing the video on repeat RN…


Their vocals on “Faith” are pure perfection, and we can’t wait to see the movie!

Sing hits theaters today (December 21st).

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