Why we’re still crushing hard on Morticia Addams

Where Halloween is concerned, there’s really only one First Family: the Addams family. In fact, the Addamses have become such a staple of spooky, goth pop culture that they’ve spawned their own live-action TV show, animated TV show, and two movies, as well as their own Broadway musical. Wednesday Addams has been the inspiration for many a Halloween costume, as well as for tons of girls who have always felt a little outside the realm of “normal.”

But Morticia Addams, the matriarch of the family, is whom I always looked to for guidance. Smart, beautiful, and reserved yet passionate, Morticia made absence of light a little less scary and a lot more glamorous. If I’d ever had a goth phase in high school, I’m certain I would’ve modeled both my wardrobe and behavior off of her. Although hey, it’s never too late, right?

Here are just a smattering of reasons why Morticia is our Halloween-week #WCW!

She’s the coolest (and calmest) mom ever

Morticia must have attended the Minerva McGonagall school of fierceness, because she does everything with a straight face and without blinking an eye, while somehow also managing to retain an air of both style and sweetness about her. Even when in labor with her third child, she’s such a paragon of pragmatism that she simply states she’s in labor and that’s that.

And on top of her put-together demeanor, Morticia is an amazing mother. She is honest with her children about the hardships of life instead of keeping them sheltered, and encourages them to chase their passions – even if said passions don’t quite mesh with other kids’.

Plus, she doesn’t really sugarcoat anything.

Her wardrobe, hair, and makeup game are literally to die for

And this isn’t even going into her home décor, which could easily scream “haunted house,” but somehow only whispers it. The regal behavior with which Morticia conducts herself can only be matched by her long, shiny black hair; her form-fitting black dresses; and her white face makeup, smoky eyes, and red lipstick. And the best part is she pulls off her look seemingly effortless, gliding along the halls of her pristinely decorated mansion with an attitude that states, quite clearly, “Yes, I’m gorgeous, but wait until you see how amazing I am underneath.”

She is one half of all the #RelationshipGoals

Morticia and her Casanova-esque husband, Gomez, are everything I ever wanted in a marriage. They are respectful to each other, ALWAYS work together as parents, rarely argue, and obviously have an incredible…um…let’s just say “bedroom life.” Their passion for life (and death) are reserved overwhelmingly for each other, and they have a relationship that includes their children but is also not all about them – which as many parents know can be extremely difficult. They also regularly voice how much they appreciate each other, make time to do favors for each other just because, and have a silent language that only they can understand.

Bonus: They are killer dance partners. Am I the only one who has to drink a tall glass of water during their dance scene in Addams Family Values? Especially that kiss at the end!? GAH.

Two words: Anjelica Huston

It has to be said that Carolyn Jones, the original on-screen Morticia in the 1960s The Addams Family television show, was a stunning and perfect original Morticia. But as a child of the ’90s, I always had Anjelica Huston as my Morticia. And I’m so thankful, because if ever there was a woman to play a modern Morticia, it’s Huston. She perfected the line between creepy and glamorous on more than one occasion aside from her turn as Morticia, actually; two other roles that come to mind are the Grand High Witch from 1990’s The Witches, as well as her character The Supreme Leader in Michael Jackson’s Captain EO. I’d watch Anjelica Huston in anything, but my favorite are roles where she can flaunt the flawless, goth-y dynamic she is known for.

She’s an independent, protective, and loyal matriarch

Morticia is her own woman. Her family, while obviously the biggest and most important priority in her life, doesn’t define her (including Gomez). She has her own passions and interests outside of other people, and ensures she makes time to pursue and nurture those.

Morticia also may be soft-spoken and somewhat laid back, but a pushover she isn’t. She is a fierce defender of those closest to her, and doesn’t sit back and accept when things around her aren’t right. For example, when Debbie Jellinsky (my favorite role of Joan Cusack’s EVER) tricks Uncle Fester into marrying her and plans to murder him, Morticia is right in the middle of the action, making sure the family comes to his rescue and ensuring Debbie is kicked to the curb.

And, you know…she might also be a master at throwing a little home-décor-related shade juuuust to drive her point home.

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