Why we’re crushing hard on Bernadette from “The Big Bang Theory”

There’s a reason The Big Bang Theory is among the highest-rated and most-watched comedies in America. For starters, its four main guy characters are hilarious to watch, because they somehow continue to be awkward even in the show’s current season—almost nine years after its premiere. Sure, they’ve grown up a bit—Raj can talk to girls without alcohol now, Howard is married and has been to space, Leonard finally got the girl, and Sheldon even lost his V-card. But even though the guys are fun to watch, the real heart of the series is in the female characters. Penny, Amy, and Bernadette are the epitome of friendship goals because despite their difference in personality, they’re always there for each other.

My favorite of the three ladies is Bernadette, because she is sort of the middle ground between Penny and Amy and brings a great balance to the show, which at its beginning was a little guilty of pitting intelligence and social skills against each other. But it’s getting better about that now, largely thanks to Bernadette. Her blunt honesty, always-running brain, and fiery passion mixed with her sweet and seemingly innocent disposition makes her the most entertaining character on The Big Bang Theory, and she is why I’m still watching nine seasons later.

Here are all the reasons Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz is my #WCW this week! Oh, and beware of potential spoilers ahead—particularly towards the end.

She constantly proves femininity and feminism aren’t mutually exclusive

If Amy Farrah Fowler represents what it means to be a feminist in a shirking-all-societal-expectations-of-women way, and Penny does in a I’m-all-female-and-proud way, Bernadette takes both of these ideals and spins them on their heads. Her badass career as a microbiologist (where the show has noted she makes more money than her engineer husband, Howard) doesn’t stop her from wearing frilly dresses and reveling in being known as daddy’s little princess. She has zero qualms about defining what feminism means for herself, and is constantly daring anyone around her to try and challenge her views.

She isn’t afraid to spell out hard truths

Bernadette is extremely honest, and is fine with telling the people she cares about when they’re acting out of line or being swayed too hard by their emotions. Take last week’s episode, for example, when Howard almost went into a business deal with Sheldon without truly considering the consequences. Bernadette pulled him aside and gently but firmly reminded him that working with Sheldon is a nightmare, and because she is such a force to be reckoned with, Sheldon actually amended the contract to say he’d act respectfully toward Howard. And for Sheldon to bend on a contract is a rarity—but then again, he has seen what life looks like when Bernadette has reached the end of her rope and starts resorting to unapologetic bluntness.


She is the epitome of “small but mighty”

Bernadette is many things: a woman, a scientist, a friend, a wife, a daughter, a sister, and at her core, a fierce, loyal, and independent woman. But she is constantly made fun of, even good naturedly, for her short stature. And though it does sting her, she uses her size to her advantage—perhaps even a tiiiny bit manipulatively, since people around her assume that she’s all sugar and no spice since she’s small and has a naturally high voice. Her biting comebacks and super-strength wit seem to hit out of nowhere to unsuspecting judgers, and I think that’s probably my favorite thing about her character. Hey, if you’ve got the tools, use ’em.


She can pull off literally any look (and costume)

Florals, pants, skirts, dresses, polka dots, frills, stripes—every time Bernadette (well, the gorgeous woman playing her, Melissa Rauch) puts on an outfit, I want it. She even makes a lab coat look attractive, and almost makes me wish I still needed glasses because of how cute they are on her. She also makes a mean Smurf, and not just because she’s short and apparently really handy when it comes to body paint. She’s got the puns to go along with it, which is really all the accessorizing you need to do when you’re the only female Smurf.


She’s a great scientist, friend, wife—and is going to make an amazing mother

Bernadette is the greatest confidant every other character on the show has. She knows when to be serious, when to crack a joke to lighten the mood, when to give someone news gently, and when to show them tough love. The group looks to her as a mother figure already because she’s the one who has life the most figured out, even when she personally feels like she doesn’t. I can’t wait to see how awesome she is at her next adventure: motherhood. I think it’s safe to say she’ll take on parenting a little more naturally than Howard, but if these two have proven anything in the past, it’s that despite how different they are, they make a great team.