Here are 7 ways to customize your own shampoo until you’ve found the right one

Finding the right shampoo can make you feel something like Goldilocks, especially since some products can be blah, mediocre, or in all seriousness: a total let down. So, if you are tired of using ill-fitting products that don’t work, or seem to make your hair days continuously worse, know that there are easy and helpful ways in which you can find the perfect shampoo product for your hair type and hair concerns

Technology, for example, has really changed the beauty game, as it’s easier now than before to find the perfect shampoo match. Instead of settling for the usual drugstore favorites, innovative hair care brands now allow you to create your own personal shampoo by taking quizzes that ask you all about your hair care woes.

It’s never been easier to customize or personalize your hair care products!

To find the perfect shampoo that you’ve been waiting your entire life for, here are 7 ways to try out shampoos that work for you until, of course, you’ve found the right one.

1Try a personalized shampoo brand

Customized beauty is all the rage right now, so it’s really no shock why personalized shampoo brands are popular. Letting the consumer take the reigns of their own hair care story, the Function Of Beauty shampoo brand, asks that you take a detailed quiz before getting that perfect shampoo match. But before you write this one off as all hype, know that one of our own writers tried this out before, and was completely obsessed. This service can run anywhere from $27 to $46 depending on how often you want to receive the brand’s products.

2Try-at-home kits

Like Function Of Beauty, ProfilePro also gives the power to the consumer, as it offers kits filled with custom-scented shampoos, conditioners, and styling products that can address a variety of different hair concerns. Depending on the kind of set or products you choose it can cost anywhere from $7.50 to $329.

3Invest in a custom shampoo

Shamp You allows you to find that epic shampoo match, as the special four-step system allows you to pump up a scented shampoo base with special SuperSerum shots (which address a variety of different hair issues), and then you finish with a creme de conditioner. And, we swear, you’ll never have a bad hair day again. This can cost anywhere from $0.88 or higher, and you can buy it at Ulta!

4Design your shampoo online

It simply takes five easy questions to find your best Cloud10 Customized Hair Care Match  ($25.95 per set), as the brand allows you design your own products and bottles online. Plus, you can even name your own shampoo. Now, how cool is that!

5Buy samples at the store

Of course, if you aren’t really into tech-savvy beauty buys, you can always find trial-sized shampoo and conditioner products at your closet beauty supply store. Ulta, Sephora, and even Whole Foods, for example, carry mini shampoo products you can totally give a whirl. While this isn’t the best “personalized” route, you still have the ability to test and try specific products for your hair concerns and type for a fraction of the price.

6Have samples mailed to you

But if you’re all about scoring some freebies, know that some brands will even send out some samples for you to try. For example, Aveda allows you to try free samples of their products before you purchase them in the store or online. Again, this isn’t the most customizable option, but you can choose different products based on your hair type.

7Make DIY recipes for yourself

But if you are a DIY kind of shampoo girl, know that the internet can be a great resource for whipping up your own natural remedies. Try playing around with different herbs, essential oils, and Castile soaps to find your best shampoo recipe.

If you are struggling to find the perfect shampoo, know that there plenty of ways to find your best product match!

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