5 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Confidence This Year

From longer locks to covering up chipped nails and boosting your bustline, here are easy ways to get a refresh.

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Sometimes we just need a little confidence boost. We just survived the hustle and bustle of the holidays, a new year has begun and we’re viewing the months ahead with renewed hope — and perhaps just a teensy weensy bit of trepidation.

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While everyone else is whooping it up on their social feeds, all “new year, new me!” and “this is going to be my best year yet!,” you might be approaching it with just a little bit more reserve. But that’s okay, we got your back. While we may not be able to guarantee the type of year you’ll be having overall, we can help you feel a little more confident in the process.

And don’t worry, if you haven’t made any small steps, it’s only January so there’s still plenty of time. Here are five easy ways to refresh your confidence for the year ahead.

1. Get a bra fitting

Something you should be doing at least once a year can help you stand up a little taller and look a little perkier, too (even if you’re not necessarily feeling that way!) A bra fitting! Proper fit is super important, and even a weight loss or gain as little as five pounds can affect your bra size.

Plus, we know you’re walking around in that ratty old “favorite” bra so isn’t it time for a refresh? You owe it to yourself!

2. Grow your hair in no time at all

It’s fun to switch up your look once in a while, and clip-in hair extensions by cult-fave RPZL is the perfect non-committal choice. You can rock a long pony in the same shade as your actual hair, add some volume or even some bangs!

3. Rock some fabulous nails

Press-on nails have come a long way since they hit their stride in the ’80s. Now, they are more ornate and fabulous than ever and are a great way to hide that chipped manicure you haven’t had time to address. For instance, these from Etsy literally look like a work of art! And no one will know you just slapped them on!

4. Wear a belt

Here’s a style trick you can do in a cinch! A belt is an instant and inexpensive way to whittle the waistline and add definition to your shape. You can throw one on over a blazer for that trendy blazer-as-a-dress look, or over a shapeless shift dress or sweater.

5. Roll out the red lips

Nothing screams confidence more than a bold, red lip. You can keep the rest of the makeup minimal, toss hair up into a messy bun, and still look ready to rock out all thanks to this shade that never goes out of style. Whether you opt for a berry shade or more of a fire-engine red, this tried-and-true hue offers something for every skin tone.

And if you don’t do any of these things, well that’s okay too! The important thing is that you show yourself a little love now and then, and you’ll be confident and refreshed this year, and for years to come!

Jené Luciani Sena
Jené Luciani Sena is an accredited journalist and internationally-renowned bestselling author, regularly seen on national TV outlets such as Access Daily, Today and Dr Oz. Touted as one of Woman’s World Magazine’s “Ultimate Experts,” she’s a TEDTalk speaker and a busy Mom of 4. Read more
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