4 Ways to Make a Vision Board and Manifest What You Want in 2023

Resolutions? Nah! We're all about manifestation in 2023.

A new year calls for a new set of goals — notice we didn’t say a new set of resolutions. While we’re all for bettering yourself in the new year, the word “resolution” often comes with a negative undercurrent. More often than not, resolutions are things we think we should change about ourselves rather than things we hope to manifest in the new year. This mindset can actually cause more harm than good, which is why we prefer making visions boards to resolutions.

Vision boards are more of a celebration and manifestation of what’s to come. It’s an activity that challenges you to reflect on the past and future 365 days. What do you hope to conquer or leave behind? Are there personal or career milestones you wish to hit in the new year?

The objective is to brainstorm things you hope to bring into the new year. These can be resolution-esque goals like learning a new cooking skill or more light-hearted and fun, such as going on a solo trip. You may also choose a word for the year, like “peace,” “success,” or “independence.”

My favorite part about making a vision board is how creative and different they can be. You can go the arts and crafts route, which involves scrapings and glue, or you can go the fast track route by formulating a list of hopes and goals on your phone.

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Vision boards are extremely personal and a reflection of your style, so there’s no right or wrong way to go about it. At the end of the day, your vision board needs to speak to your needs and wants. What is going to leave you feeling the most energized, motivated, and excited?

We’ve compiled four very different ways to make a vision board. Get your affairs in order and get ready to bring your manifestations to life in 2023. Happy manifesting!

1. Create a DIY vision poster board

Vision Poster Board

If you’re more of a visual person (and don’t mind getting your hands a little dirty), you’ll find joy and pride in crafting your vision board from scratch. To get started, you’ll need to sift through magazines and browse social media for photo and word art that’ll represent your goals for 2023. Once you’ve collected the clippings, organize them on a poster.

You can arrange your clips of symbolic aspiration by category such as career goals, personal goals, or family goals. Conversely, you can create a melting pot of manifestations by pasting everything together in a beautiful, jumbled mess. Put your vision poster board on display so you can be reminded of your goals throughout 2023.

What you’ll need: poster, scissors, glue or tape, magazine/social media clippings

Alternative route: you can use a cork board and push-pins, so you’re able to reuse the materials year after year.

2. Make a digital vision board

Same concept, but different execution. With a digital vision board, you’ll follow similar steps except via your phone or computer using a graphic design tool like Canva or PicCollage. As you might have already inferred, all your clips need to be digital. However, you’ll have more flexibility crafting words and quotes.

Pro tip: Canva has a free vision board maker with ready-made templates at your disposal. These vary by theme, design, and photo tools (frames, grids, shape, etc.).

What you’ll need: a graphic design app like Canva or PicCollage

3. Jot down your 2023 goals in the Notes app

Woman Phone App

OK, so arts and crafts aren’t your thing. Keep things short and sweet by writing down your hopes and dreams for 2023 in the Notes app on your phone. Whether you house your manifestations in a master list or organize them by category is up to you.

The cool thing about having your vision board on your phone is that you can take it with you wherever you go. You can also set up periodic reminders to check-in and track your progress.

What you’ll need: the Notes app (or a similar note taking app if you use an Android)

4. Build a Pinterest Board

Pinterest is both a digital and visual way of staying on top of your goals for 2023. There are one of two ways you can use Pinterest.

For list lovers, you can build several mini vision boards each focusing on an overarching theme like career milestones. Pinterest is overloaded with inspiration. When you see something that inspires you, you can pin it to its respective board.

Another option is to download a vision board template. Available for free on Pinterest, these templates prompt you to write your goals down. They all vary — some are super simple like a checklist while others have boxes dedicated for mental goals, things to try, financial goals, etc.

What you’ll need: a Pinterest account, which you can sign up for here.

Whatever route you choose, just know you’re one step closer to manifesting your goals into a reality in 2023. So, here’s to another year of fun, creativity, and kicking butt!

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