11 ways to stand up for yourself when it’s hard for you

Without a doubt, confrontation is really difficult and often seems wholly unnecessary, if it can be avoided. However, that often leads to being labelled a pushover, which is a label that’s hard to shake. Being called a pushover is often painful and frustrating because it implies that you’re easily manipulated when really, you’re just trying to avoid (seemingly) unnecessary conflict.

Sticking up for yourself doesn’t have to be all drama and aggressive confrontations, though. While we know that standing up for ourselves is hard, there are so many little ways to make it happen, so we’ll always feel like we’re looking out for ourselves properly.

1If someone pronounces your name wrong, correct them.

For some reason, we have the hardest time correcting people when they mispronounces our names. Sure, it can be a little awkward, but generally the person didn’t realize they were mispronouncing your name and it saves the hassle of that awkward conversation down the line.

2Get political.

If somebody is trashing a political belief close to your heart, don’t sit by and let them trash it. Stand up for yourself and your beliefs. You don’t need to debate them, just tell them that disagree and maybe correct their facts before moving on your merry way.

3Tell someone no.

People who have a hard time standing up for themselves tend to overcommit, not because they’re flaky, but because they genuinely care and don’t want to let anyone down. Before you become overwhelmed with a million commitments, learn to say no. And more importantly, learn that it’s okay to say no. 

4Take a mental health day.

Self-care is soo important, yet is often seen as an afterthought. Sometimes standing up for yourself is knowing when you need to take a day to keep yourself healthy.

5Don’t feel bad rejecting someone.

Okay, this is similar to learning to say no — but it’s very different in practice. Rejection may seem “way harsh,” but you do not need to go on a date with someone simply because they asked you out. You may feel bad, but at the end of the day, you need to be doing you.

6Call someone out for their rude behavior.

This can be about that one friend who always forgets their wallet or the guy who called you nasty names because you didn’t respond to their texts. If someone is behaving inappropriately, tell them.

7Know you don’t always need to fight back.

We live in a very digital age and with the digital age comes trolls (aka people who simply post nasty comments online). If encountering a nasty person online, sometimes the best way to stand up for yourself is to ignore the haters.

8Shut down a mansplainer.

Mansplainers are THE WORST. They act like their opinion is gold and is something you should always want to hear. Tell them you’re not interested and walk away with the girl power we all know you possess.

9Emulate your favorite feminist icons.

If you’re ever caught in a situation, think about how Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie would handle things if she were in the same situation. Or remind yourself of all Hillary Clinton went through during the election (AND she attended the inauguration of the man who won said election!), so you can stand up for yourself right now.

10Use your money.

Standing up for yourself isn’t all verbal. If someone is threatening your rights, stand up for yourself by donating to a cause that will support you.

11Do one thing for yourself each day.

We’re our own biggest critics and sometimes we need to stand up for ourselves to ourselves. This is going to be the year of self-care, so take some time every day and stand up for yourself by doing something for yourself.

Self-care is so important and standing up for ourselves is an often forgotten piece to the self-care puzzle. You know you best so stand up for yourself, even in the toughest of times, so you can continue to be the best you!

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