5 ways to make your iPhone videos look like you’re a profesh filmmaker

Let’s face it: home movie footage has never been top quality. Those clips of you opening your Christmas gifts circa 1993? They were a shaky, blurry, out-of-focus mess. (An adorable mess, but a mess nonetheless.) And the quality of today’s iPhone videos isn’t that much better — in fact, we sometimes look at our Snapchats and wonder how technology has come so far, and yet has hardly changed at all.

Fear not, though, friends. If you want to make your iPhone videos look like you graduated from the New York Film Academy (or at least look like you took a weekend-long filmmaking course) we’re here to help. Below, find five tips for improving the quality of your iPhone vids.

1Don’t use the iPhone’s pinch-to-zoom function.

We know pinch-to-zoom is a fun and easy way to get closer to your subject, but to preserve the quality of your iPhone videos, just move your camera closer. Zooming in causes pixelation, and degrades the quality of your picture.

2Lock the focus and exposure on your Camera app.


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