There’s a way to find out who’s been creepin’ on you on Facebook, because we know you’re curious

Just admit it. You want to know who’s been peeking around on your Facebook page. It’s okay — we won’t judge you, because we feel the same. There’s now a way to find out who has been stalking you on Facebook, but first we have to go over the newest feature to pop up on Facebook.

You may have noticed that Facebook, like Instagram, has taken a hint from Snapchat to include the stories feature, which allows you to share snippets of your daily life — photos, videos, etc. — for only 24 hours.

You know how you can see on Snapchat and Instagram who has viewed your stories? And which parts of your stories? Well, Facebook has attached that same tool on their stories.

Yes, that means you have full access to see which one of your friends is snooping around on your Facebook stories. Fine, we know this isn’t exactly the kind of stalking revelation you were probably looking for, but it does give you a level of visibility that you didn’t have before on Facebook.

You may not have even started to use those Facebook stories, because let’s face it, having two different platforms that give us the chance to share stories is enough to handle as it is. Still, it’s nice to know that you have a little more insight into who’s following your every move on Facebook.

Whether it’s your ex, your best friend from kindergarten, or that really cute Tinder date you’ve been thinking about lately, you’ll know if they’re snooping around.

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