There’s an ingenious way to help needy families pay for toys this holiday season

One of the things we love most about the holiday season is the fact that it’s the perfect time to give back. And some people have decided to help needy families pay for toys this holiday by paying off the balance on toys on layaway. These individuals are called “Layaway Santas,” also known as “Layaway Angels.” Not only is it a kind gesture, but it’s something anyone can do.

If you’re unfamiliar with layaway, it’s a plan many big retailers offer in order for customers to buy products they can’t afford upfront. Basically, customers put down a deposit toward the item they want to buy, but the item only leaves the store once it’s fully paid off. While some stores might include additional fees (such as a restocking fee, or a fee for storing the item for a period of time) typically these plans don’t include any sort of interest. As a Layaway Santa, you can see if there are any customers who might be depending on layaway to make their children’s holidays a bit merrier. Pitching in a few dollars will not only help a family that might be stretched for money, but it’ll make a child’s Christmas morning a little brighter.

A man in Cherry Hill, New Jersey named Charlie K. made headlines in late November for reportedly paying off 60 layaway orders at Toys “R” Us, spending a little over $10,000. While chatting with CBS, he said he was “trying to fulfill some Christmas wishes for people.”

"I can only do it because of the community that provided me the luxury to do it. I love this community, and I’m trying to provide back for it," he said in an interview with

We can certainly see why people would want to emulate the good deed.

Not all Toys “R” Us locations offer layaway, but many of them do. K-Mart and Walmart are also good stores to check if you’re interested in paying off items on layaway. All in all, the gesture is a reminder that there’s still so much good in the world.