The Waxing Moon in Aquarius is here to help you hunt for your rose-colored glasses

The sun in Scorpio is shining light on our darkness; the ocean of our soul that holds our shame, our desires, our mysteries, our depths. Scorpio season is when we’re allowed to plunge into the darkness, full speed ahead, when we’re allowed to explore and grow and bloom in the crevices that often don’t see much light. And while the sun is shining its rays on this aspect of ourselves, the waxing moon is also working hard. Today, as she’s in her first-quarter phase, halfway between last week’s new moon and the full moon, she’s inviting us to drop in to see how we’re blooming — all while in Aquarius, the trend-setting and humanitarian sign of the zodiac.

To make sure you’re in the loop when it comes to how to use today’s Aquarius Moon energy, we talked to astrologer Jessica Addams about the themes of today’s cosmic climate.

The waxing moon is a time to check in and see how we’re progressing.

As the new moon rises, we get real about what we want in the coming month. The new moon is the beginning of a fresh, energetic cycle, a clean slate if you will, when we can make goals, get real about our needs, and plant seeds that we will spend the next two weeks watering.

Once we set our goals, the moon paves the way for how they manifest. As the moon's light grows in power, up until the apex of the full moon, we focus on what we want, keeping track of the goals we set at the new moon. This is where we are right now — in a place of checking in, of fine-tuning, of recognizing what else needs to be watered, what else needs to be fed.

The first-quarter moon is when we can get real about how we’re doing, while still having the opportunity to adapt to better serve our needs.

And today’s quarter moon is in the sign of Aquarius.

Aquarians are the free thinkers, the humanitarians, the trailblazers. Today’s energy holds the same ideals. What needs more nurturing in your life? What do you want out of your relationships? Spending time with your community, coven, or tribe? Allowing yourself to be the fullest you possible? Take some time to honor this.

You can journal or have a conversation with your BFF during which you get really real and decide to hold each other accountable. Maybe you join new community, plan a full moon party, or simply free write around your craziest, most mystical visions. Even meditating, practicing conscious breath work, or stretching your body through exercise or yoga can help you open up your inner channel, going straight to your heart. Take today as an invitation to zoom out and see the bigger picture, before stepping back in and finding ways to connect this to the present moment.

With a blessing from Friday’s planetary ruler, Venus.

Venus, like the Grecian goddess of the same name, rules over beauty, love, sex, and pleasure. Friday is a day for love of all kinds: familial, sexual, romantic, love of self. It’s all invited. In fact, Friday is named after the goddesses Freyja/Frigg, a Norse goddesses of love, sex, and beauty.

Each Friday, we have the opportunity to dive a little deeper into our hearts, and today's no different. With the moon in Aquarius, we can carry this intention to soften, to love more, into all our relationships. Need more boundaries? Need to soften? Need to be more vocal about your love? Check in — see what needs to be done.

Since Aquarius is also all about community, remember that you’re not alone. And if community is something you still need more of, then keep on planting those seeds; and remember to go where love calls.

No matter how you spend today, we hope it’s juicy, filled with love, and completely and utterly cosmic.

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