Is watermelon pizza just taking it too far?

Who doesn’t love pizza, right? Whether it’s basic or dressed up, there’s no version that can’t be great. And when the “crust” and “dough” are made from watermelon, then topped with fruit, like kiwi and strawberries, yum!! You can even add some shredded coconut on top for the full “shredded cheese” effect on a watermelon pizza. Yes, please.

With a holiday weekend sweeping down upon us, watermelon pizza’s the perfect dish to bring to a beach party or BBQ.

However, ICYMI, some people are taking their watermelon pizza game to extreme levels, adding ingredients like feta cheese (which is apparently a thing with watermelon these days) and mint. Okay, now we’re getting skeptical, but we love watermelon AND who doesn’t love cheese, so, maybe we’ll give it a shot?


But still others are upping their watermelon pizza game even more, sometimes grilling it and topping it with red onions. On watermelon?! You go to far, food innovators. You go too far.

No matter what you top it with, here’s a tutorial to show you how easy it is to make a watermelon pizza of your own. Warning: You may eat most of it before you leave for the party you’re taking it to, so make an extra. Or, throw a watermelon pizza-making party and see what kinds of “pies” everyone comes up with. 

Brb, we need to go get a watermelon…probably not any red onions though, and we need the grill for other things, like pound cake.