Watermelon makeup looks are taking over our Instagram feeds

It’s the season for watermelon (and makeup trends). This new watermelon inspired makeup trend is taking over our Instagram feeds right now. It’s colorful, a little wild, and definitely a summer look!

Why watermelon? Well, why not? It’s a treasured summer fruit at parties, beach days, and in fruity drinks. Some Instagram users aren’t just stopping at a pink lip, or green liner — this love runs deep.

We sought out the cutest and most inspiring watermelon looks on Instagram. Here are six ways to be inspired next time you decide to get ready for that delicious summer shindig.

1Add a summery accent with winged white eyeliner.


A gorgeous liquid eyeliner that incorporates all things watermelon.

2Rock some yummy-looking lips that pop!

Look at the amazing details on these lips — we are so impressed right now!

3Who says makeup should stop on your face?

This gorgeous geometric neck piece in the shape of a watermelon takes a lot of dedication, but we love it.

4No subtlety in this one – this is all watermelon, all over.


They aren’t just stopping with lips and eyes. This full facial takes freckles and makes them pop even more.

5And this bright, bold look perfect for the bright, bold season.


Inspired by the colors of a watermelon, this makeup artist went wild with the liquid neon green eyeliner.

6Or you can always keep it classic!

This artist highlighted the triangular shape of the fruit — super cute!

Watermelon makeup takes a lot of dedication. But just the colorful palette alone makes us inspired to dive into all sorts of playful multicolored eyeshadows. Adding this summer spark into your look is great for a party, or for a hot night out!

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