Watermelon hair is the oh-so-summery trend to try this year

We thought we’d seen practically every hair trend, from hair tapestries to space hair to mermaid hair. What else can we do to our locks, anyway?! Well, now that the weather’s getting hot and summer is almost here, a new trend has caught our eye on Instagram that reminds us of our fave sweet, refreshing summer snack on a picnic in the sun — watermelon hair.

There are various ways to do watermelon hair via ombre, chunks, and different shades, but it all boils down to the same thing: bright green and pink hair. And it’s pretty fabulous.

Seriously, this hair looks so good that we could eat it. (Okay, not literally, to be clear.)

Some people go the full bleach-and-dye to make it vivid. . .

. . . while others go more subtle with their watermelon hair.

It looks good on short hair.

And longer, curly hair.

Some even opted to make it more pastel so it reminds us of those sour gummy watermelons!

Yep, all of these ladies are the epitome of summer, and we’re drooling over this hair of our pink-and-green dreams. Summer is just around the corner, after all, and we can’t WAIT. Would you ever get watermelon hair? Tell us in the comments!

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