19 watercolor tattoos that look like something straight out of an artsy dream

Confession time: We’ve been bitten by the tattoo bug, which basically means that we’re spending a ton of time searching #tattoo on Instagram. Though we’ve come across so many different styles and techniques, we definitely have a current favorite: watercolor tattoos. These creations look like literal works of art that have set up shop on the human body. This is what we’re talking about…

1. There’s a reason Belle means “beautiful”:


2. A tribute to nature and the night sky:


3. Watercolor takes this flower to the next level:

4. A delicate elephant:


5. This leaf is anything but simple:

6. The definition of childhood:



8. A pair of wings:

9. Swirling koi:

10. Fire and water are dueling:

12. La luna:

13. This looks like something out of a dream:

14. For all you book-lovers out there:

15. A cutely colorful bird:

16. Mother Earth:


17. The most swirly, twirly creation:

18. An intergalatic dancer:

19. Winter is coming:

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