This water pouring illusion will make you question if magic is real

Let me tell you a little story. Once upon a time, I was living a fairly normal life where I never got my Hogwarts letter, so I never learned how to do magic. Convinced that there was no possible way that I wouldn’t be admitted to the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, I convinced myself that magic only happens in books or movie franchises where the last film is split into two parts.

What a fool I was.

Mashable recently shared a video from YouTuber KUKR that has me questioning whether or not Dumbledore really could be my Patronus – it shows a glass, just a regular old glass. Like a glass you might have in your own kitchen. A glass not capable of exhibiting supernatural powers. The glass has ice cubes in it – that’s the only thing even slightly remarkable about the glass.

Then, a mystery person pours water in the seemingly boring, totally average glass. Here, I’ll show you:

Right? Totally whatever. Super chill. Literally, because of the ice cubes.
But then everything changes. The world turns upside down, and all my former beliefs are shattered. The mystery person, still off camera, picks up the glass. But it’s not a glass. It’s a glass-shaped piece of cardboard.


How? HOW? It’s not magic you might argue, it’s movie magic, as in trick editing. Really? Then how come the ice cubes appear to still be settling as the hand – of a wizard no doubt – comes into frame?

Guys, magic is real.

Or at least for the moment. KURK promises in the description of the video that there’s a “how to” video in the making, which either means that they are going to teach us the spell (fingers crossed) or demonstrate how the whole thing was an optical illusion and unicorns don’t actually exist because magic isn’t scientifically possible and I’ve been living a lie.

To be fair, I’ve seen people draw super realistic 3D glasses of water on YouTube before, but none of them have changed my life like this one. Maybe I can still apply to Hogwarts after all. Do you think they have an MFA program?

(Images via Warner Bros., here, and here.)

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