Water bottle phone cases are the latest trend on Instagram

It’s hard to know why trends become trends on Instagram. The simplest and sometimes strangest things become crazy popular in a matter of minutes on social media, and there’s no telling why or how.

Such is the case (literally) with a new trend happening in Japan: DIY iPhone cases decorated in Evian bottles. According to Mashable, Evian is the hottest brand in Japan right now. People are obsessed with decorating their clear phone cases by cutting out Evian logos and pasting them on.

But why, you’re probably wondering? Your guess is as good as ours.

Somehow this weird trend has caught on, and young people ALL over Japan are DIY-ing their phone cases.

The iPhone cases actually look pretty cool. Like, if we were super into Evian water, we’d totally go for an Evian case.

Some creative people using other designs to bring even more creativity to their phone cases.

We’re not exactly sure what’s happening here, but it probably means something amazing to someone.

DIY instructions are being shared, so there’s absolutely no excuse to NOT create your very own Evian iPhone case (unless of course you just don’t want to).

While we’re still confused as to why everyone’s feeling the Evian rage right now, but chances are Evian is thrilled about it. Mashable pointed out that Evian only holds 3 percent of the country’s mineral water market, making it the seventh most popular brand.

But hopefully the phone cases are at least reminding everyone to stay hydrated!

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