Why you should be watching ‘Supergirl’

Have you seen CBS’s Supergirl yet? The show premiered last week, and the second episode is tonight. And you should make time to watch it. Here’s why.

Supergirl isn’t just the latest superhero-centered show on television. It’s making a huge impact on how we look at feminism, power, and capability in 2015.

The pilot had somewhat with mixed reviews—fans commented on various social media accounts on how they either loved the way that the series brought out protagonist Kara’s story. And don’t get me wrong—there is a lot that Supergirl can improve on. But from the one episode we’ve seen, this show gives us a perfectly imperfect view of women in leading roles, kicking butt but not sacrificing themselves or their happiness in the process.

The show focuses on Superman’s cousin, Kara. Originally sent to be Clark Kent’s protector, she found herself off course and landed on Earth twenty years after her cousin did. Now that her mission was no longer on course, Kara struggled to find her purpose again.

Sure, she’s an alien babe with super-strength, heat vision, and flight, but Supergirl gives us a view of Kara that we wouldn’t otherwise get. She’s a powerful superhero whose plagued with self-doubt and moments of insecurity. But when it really matters, she doesn’t hesitate to rise up and meet whatever challenges face her. In a lot of ways, Kara represents how any of us can be a superhero in ways that go beyond powers or a cool costume.

Supergirl isn’t just Kara’s story of empowerment. It shows us Cat Grant and Alex Danvers, both equally powerful women. And each woman has her own time in the spotlight. The show doesn’t pit them against each other for entertainment, but rather allows for each woman to show her own strengths parallel to the others.

Supporting Supergirl means giving each of us a space to be seen, heard, and looked up to on television. And that’s something that can’t be replicated. Check it out tonight—we’re going to.

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