Watching Destiny’s Child on MTV’s “Cribs” will give you all the nostalgia feels

You’ve probably heard by now that MTV’s iconic show Cribs will be making a comeback (albeit, through Snapchat — but hey, we’ll take what we can get) and what better way to feel a little nostalgic than to watch one of the ultimate best episodes of all time? While Vimeo user Beyonceliciouss uploaded this amazing piece of MTV history six years ago, it suddenly started making the rounds on the internet only recently.

In 2000, Destiny’s Child appeared on the show to show off their home in Houston, also occupied by the Knowles family. Yes, Solange makes an appearance as well. During the filming of the show, she was crashing in the garage apartment, since her parents didn’t like her playing music at the volume level of her choosing. Oh, to be young.

At the time, Kelly Rowland also lived in the house, but while Michelle Williams is around for the tour, she was then staying elsewhere. Past band members LaTavia Roberson and LeToya Luckett were already out of the group at this stage in Destiny’s Child history.

The trio reenact music video dance moves, and generally have a fun time while showing off the Knowles house (which includes a Sleeping Beauty-themed sink, because WHY NOT) Beyonce mentions that her room, painted a deep purple, is her ultimate favorite room in the house, since it’s “drama, very colorful, and dramatized.” She mentions that she writes her best songs while laying down, relaxing in the midst of colorful pillow. And her bedspread was custom made and designed by her Mom, Tina. Very sweet.

Surely Beyonce had absolutely no idea how far her career in music would go while the episode was shot, which makes it even more incredible. Here, our Queen Bey was just a teenager, excited about fellow pop stars ‘N Sync, Britney Spears, and Christina Aguilera. In a way, watching this episode of Cribs is almost like reliving our own youth.

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