Watching Carrie Fisher’s secret cameo in “Hook” will make you feel a tiny bit better

We know nothing can really help you recover from the death of Carrie Fisher right now, but we do have some movie trivia that might cheer you up just the tiniest bit. Turns out, Fisher had a secret cameo in Hook. The beloved 1991 movie about grown-up Peter Pan already has a plethora of famous faces — including another sadly deceased star, Robin Williams — and TheWrap uncovering that Fisher is in Hook for a even the briefest of moments is like a balm for our mourning hearts.

You might already know about Glenn Close showing up as a pirate and Phil Collins portraying a detective in the movie Hook, but did you know that you can actually spot Fisher and George Lucas embracing toward the beginning of the film?!

That’s right, TheWrap confirmed that the creator of Star Wars and Star Wars‘ Princess Leia appear on a bridge as Julia Roberts’ Tinkerbell takes the adult Peter off to Neverland. Tink even sprinkles some pixie dust to have the couple float above the bridge in London.

Of course, you would have to be a real pro to make out Fisher and Lucas in this super short scene, so we adore that TheWrap confirmed it truly was them before Fisher’s death on December 27th.

Not only did Fisher have this tiny cameo in Hook (which makes sense when you think of the relationship between Hook director Steven Spielberg, Lucas, and Fisher) but she also worked as a script doctor for Hook — doing uncredited rewrites to help improve the script.

Now although they portrayed to be romantically close in Hook, Fisher was known to highlight her love-hate relationship with Lucas in her book and show Wishful Drinking. And also at his AFI Life Achievement Award ceremony.

Her hilarious rant is definitely a far cry from the pair of them embracing on that bridge in Hook.


While the moment will flash before your eyes, we recommend watching Fisher and Lucas soar into the sky in Hook through your tears to help pass the time after Fisher’s death.

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