Watching candy mixed to Nintendo music is strangely mesmerizing

Just because you’re on the internet watching someone mix candy to Nintendo music backdrop doesn’t mean you aren’t a productive citizen of the world. It just means you’re cool and creative enough to seek out methods of entertainment that combine your interests. Or maybe you’ve committed to eating less sugar and are using this video as a coping mechanism to tide you over until you can get through the last day of that godawful (or so we’ve heard) 21-day sugar detox.

Either way, ignore those killjoys who insist on reminding you of all the important stuff you should be doing right now and get into this oddly intriguing video of molten candy, which has us just as mesmerized as watching candy melt in reverse to classical music.

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This candy video in question comes from Lofty Pursuits, a candy store, soda fountain, and toy store in Tallahassee, Florida that sells a ton of yummy goods and also offers candy-making demonstrations. The tunes that you won’t be able to stop bopping is the sonic handiwork of Dr. Pop, who used a GameBoy to produce the background music.

According to Reuters, the particular type of music is referred to as Chiptune, which is “created by using the sound chips of old video game consoles,” including the Nintendo GameBoy and Atari (aka the fossil of video games, and yeah, we’re feeling kinda ancient because we know that).

Anyway, here’s the video and its awesome backing track.

And for Dr. Who fans (hi-ya, Whovians!), Lofty Pursuits even has a video for handmade T.A.R.D.I.S. candy.

Ah, internet, you’ve blessed us in the most unexpected way once again. However, we do realize at some point, we’re going to have to give some serious consideration to how we choose to spend our time, but introspection can wait.

Right now, there’s some candy and GameBoy-produced tunes that are in need of our (and your) immediate attention.