Watching this cab driver hit 240 green lights in a row is incredibly hypnotic

This can’t be real. Is this real? We can’t believe this is real.

If luck like this exists, where do we get some?

A driver in New York City dash-cammed footage of himself driving through the city. That sounds fascinating in and of itself. But what makes this footage mesmerizing is that he hits a record of 240 green lights — IN A ROW.

Noah Forman is a ride-share driver who used to drive a yellow cab.

In this video, he’s attempting to hit world a record of consecutive green lights.

Noah hits 240 green lights. from Shawn Swetsky – Post Producer on Vimeo.

A few years ago, Gothamist wrote about a driver who hit 55 consecutive green lights in a row.

Noah Forman decided to best that record, and ended up hitting over 100 lights in a row.

That wasn’t good enough for him, though, so he decided to go for more.

“I was hoping to push my goal up to a large number like 500 green lights,” Forman told Gothamist. “But I’ll settle for this: no stopping, smooth, well mostly smooth sailing, for an estimated 240 lights, one yellow, all the rest green.”

And now we’re thinking that luck had little to do with this, actually.

Judging by the lack of traffic on the streets, he must have strategically chose the early morning hours, and meticulously planned his route based on knowledge of street light timing.

After all, luck is preparation meets opportunity, right?