Watch: These women grew out their facial hair for a month like the queens they are

When it comes to women’s beauty, it can feel like we always have something to work on. For a lot of women, removing “excess” body hair is something we are taught to do as teenagers (or younger), and the message often sticks with us throughout adulthood. Depending on your personal preferences, you might choose to remove your body hair from places such as your armpits or your legs, or you may also remove hair from your face, such as your eyebrows or your upper-lip.

While there is nothing wrong with removing body hair, the important thing is that you do it because you feel empowered and you want to, and not because society tells you to. After all, empowerment is all about making the choices that feel best for you as an individual.

That’s why it’s so empowering — and so relatable for a lot of people — to watch BuzzFeed’s video about women’s facial hair. The video follows several women who promise not to remove their facial hair for an entire month, and document the timeline on video. While some stick to the challenge, some of them end up breaking and removing hair. We can’t blame anyone for not finishing it, though, considering how much pressure is on women to conform to very particular standards of beauty.

Be sure to check out the full video, above, to see how women felt with their facial hair being (in their perspective) visible for the world to see!

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