Watch this video of Tom Hiddleston hold a baby leopard because you deserve it

Raise your hand if you love Tom Hiddleston. Okay, good. Now raise your hand if you want to see Tom Hiddleston cuddle with an impossibly cute baby leopard. I thought so.

Feast your eyes, you hungry folk. On James Corden’s The Late Late Show, Tom Hiddleston (alongside Thomas Middleditch of HBO’s Silicon Valley) was handed a baby leopard after Corden brought in famous zookeeper Jack Hanna. What ensued was exactly what you might imagine — only better.


Look how gentle he is, how lovable. This was no act. Tom Hiddleston was genuinely enjoying himself while gazing endearingly into the eyes of a baby leopard. Please, someone pinch us. Have we died and gone to cute British actor heaven?

The little leopard seemed to love Tom, too (duh). He kept climbing on him, trying to perch himself on Tom’s shoulders. Tom kept his cool, though, as only a classy man like him could, and he continued to make us all melt.

An echidna, a cuter version of a porcupine, also made an appearance. But the penguin that came next really stole the show. James Corden nearly lost his mind out of excitement. Look at Tom eagerly reaching out for his turn to pet it.


Tom didn’t take this special moment for granted. He tweeted his appreciation not long after the episode aired.

Anyway, what are you waiting for? Watch the video in its entirety. Because you got out of bed this morning and you’ve earned it.