For just $2, Victoria Beckham gave strangers the best fashion advice

Is there anyone more chic than Victoria Beckham?

Whether she’s debuting a new collection at fashion week or teaming up Estée Lauder on her highly-coveted makeup line, everything she does is perfection. Victoria Beckham recently gave fashion advice to strangers in Central Park for Vanity Fair’s web series Derek Does Stuff With a Friend, and we have to say that we are loving what she’s saying.

Who better than Posh Spice to share wisdom on fashion? Victoria’s impeccable taste has us all wishing we could talk her ears off on just about every subject there is. For a few lucky folks willing to spend $2 and chat with an iPad, our dreams became their reality.

Victoria gave advice on just about everything, from whether you can wear white after Labor Day — yes, as long as the sun is shining! To whether a dude should keep his manbun or wear his hair down more often — she gave him an honest assessment and determined he looked better with his hair pulled back.

Being the sweetie that she is, Victoria complimented a man wearing a bright green, mermaid-inspired jacket that he hand-painted himself. It was a showstopper and even Victoria was impressed.

If there’s anyone who is qualified to give out fashion advice, it’s Victoria Beckham.


She was ready to go no matter what anyone asked.


A group of high school students asked her what she thought would be appropriate to wear for their graduations and she told them that the most important thing was that they wear something that made them feel comfortable and confident. We have to agree.

During her advice session, Victoria Beckham mentions the benefits of investing in a good coat and her love of a simple white tee.


She even gives a pregnant woman advice on maternity clothes — Victoria herself didn’t want to buy maternity jeans so she cut a panel out of her own favorite pair.


She also meets her first very-excited Rockette.

All in all, Victoria gives some pretty sweet fashion and life advice. Check out the full YouTube video below:

We love how game she was to have fun, meet people, and chat them up. We would definitely pay $2 for the chance to talk fashion with Posh, but watching this vid is the next best thing.

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