You need to watch how this vacuum sucks out blackheads (if you dare)

Remember that video of pimple popping that went absolutely viral and got over 22 million views? We can’t figure out why, but people love to see a big, juicy zit get violently popped. If you’re one of those folks, you’re in for another treat.

A video has recently been posted that features a facial pore cleanser in action. If you’re wondering what a facial pore cleanser is, it’s essentially a blackhead remover vacuum. It’s a small electronic tool sold by The Vanity Planet for only $29, and you run it over your nose, chin, cheek, wherever, for it to suction up your skin like Hoover vacuum and pull out blackheads. Fun, right?! If you’re into that kind of thing, anyway.

Whether it’s painful or not is yet to be determined, but judging by that one long tube of sebum coming out of that person’s nose, it seems like it might be effective. Key words: might be.

On the website, it says that its safety has been guaranteed. It also says this facial pore cleanser (misleading name, if you ask us) “improves skin tone and pore appearance.” The before and after pictures look positively astonishing. First, you see a person’s nose covered in noticeable blackheads, but after a few swipes of this fancy pimple vacuum, their nose is clean, clear, and almost unrecognizable. It’s probably too good to be true, but we are so tempted to try it. We’re only human. 

In the long run, $29 isn’t really that much money, so maybe it’s worth the investment just to play around and see what happens. Maybe read the disclaimer first, though. 

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