Watch This Incredible Short Film, “I’m a Mitzvah” Starring Ben Schwartz

The loss of a close friend can seem impossible to cope with. And then sometimes, grief can sneak up on you, and hit you with the force of a Mack truck. For David (played by HelloGiggles BFF Ben Schwartz), the journey through this emotional process and the retrieval of his friend in Mexico to bring him home is frustrating, depressing, but also quite interesting.

I’m a Mitzvah is a short film about a young American man who spends one last night with his deceased friend while stranded in rural Mexico.

Directed by Ben Berman
Written by Ben Berman and Josh Cohen
Starring Ben Schwartz, Lainie Kazan, Erick Chavarria, Alejandro Patino, Alicia Bevavides, and Josh Cohen.


I’M A MITZVAH from Benjamin Berman on Vimeo.

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