Watch this boy save his baby brother from a near-death fall

A little boy was caught on camera saving his younger brother when the infant fell from a changing table a few weeks ago in South Florida — and now, we have the video as a reminder to always keep a close on our little ones.

Their mother was changing the infant, one-year-old Eitan, and turned away for perhaps a mere second or two. According to CBS, the mom turned her attention to one of her five children right before this near-tragedy occurred. It’s terrifying to watch as the baby crawls his way to the edge of the changing table and falls, but his nine-year-old brother runs across the room and is just in time to keep him from hitting the floor.

If that’s not a true hero, we don’t know what is!

All of this reminds us just how important and difficult it is to keep your eyes on babies at all times, especially when it comes to to changing table safety.

To moms everywhere, we know your job is tough and we respect all of the time and love you put into it!