Watch this runway model deal with a wardrobe malfunction like a #BOSS

New York Fashion Week is where the pros come to show us how it’s done, and things were no different this past Sunday. At the Christian Siriano Spring/Summer 2017 event, one model in particular, Syrian-born Austrian, Alisar Ailabouni, handled a slight wardrobe malfunction with like a #BOSS.

In the below clip (found through Cosmo!), you can see the model’s earring drop at the catwalk’s front turn. Not only does she catch the jewelry without a flinch, she makes it seem as though she knew it was about to happen and prepared herself for the fall! Talk about putting the super in supermodel!

See for yourself:

"When a model is so professional that her earring drops on our Spring/Summer 2017 runway and she doesn't even miss a beat! So amazing!"

It’s official: Alisar is a total pro, and someone give this girl a RAISE (models get raises, right? Well they should).

When a model doesn’t break a sweat, and pulls of what could’ve been a major distraction, we agree and can’t wait to see what else this seriously professional model is capable of next!

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