Watch Rep. Maxine Waters lay the smackdown on Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin when he tries to waste her time

Maxine Waters does not take crap from nobody. You know it. We know. Trump knows it. So Lord knows what the hell Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin was thinking when he tried to run out the clock on Waters’s line of questioning while testifying before the House Financial Services Committee last week.

Mnuchin, an upper-level Trump cabinet official, appeared before the congressional panel to discuss the current state of the international financial system. But Waters, a Democratic congresswoman from California and the ranking member of the committee, wanted answers about the Trump administration’s questionable financial activity with foreign banks, and she ain’t got time waste, y’all. Behold Queen Maxine and her royal smackdown!

“Given your department’s statement that the agency takes responsiveness to congressional requests very seriously… is there some reason why I did not get a response to the letter that I sent May 23rd?,” asked Waters, citing a letter sent to the Treasury Department on behalf of committee officials.

Figuring he could ignore Waters’s question much like he ignored the panel’s letter, Mnuchin tried everything from offering a half-assed thank you for Waters’s public service, to talking over her, to appealing to a fellow white man.

But, true to form, Waters was having none of it. Per committee rules, Waters is entitled to a certain amount of time to question those appearing at a hearing. Instead of allowing Mnunchin to waste her precious minutes without answering her question, Waters repeated the phrase “reclaiming my time” to refocus the conversation — and make clear that she’s not to be played with.

And thus a new feminist rallying cry was born.

Say it with us, “RECLAIMING MY TIME!”


All day. Every day.

Mansplainers, sashay away.


AHHH! It so feels SO GOOD!

Oh, Auntie Maxine, how you give us LIFE! Thanks to you, we’ll never be mansplained to again!