Watch puppies become brilliant service dogs. All day, every day. It’s a service dog live stream!

We have found our new obsession, and we have a feeling it’s about to be yours too. There’s a multi-camera live stream dedicated to dogs who are in training to be service dogs — and it’s absolutely fantastic! Dog Bless You: Service Dog Project (SDP) is a Massachusetts-based organization that donates Great Danes to people who have limitations with mobility. So far, they’ve donated over 70 dogs to kids, veterans, and grown ups.

FYI Great Danes make excellent service dogs because of their height, the fact that they need very little exercise, they’re super smart, and (oh yeah) they’re totally lovable and loving.

Here’s one of the sweet (and very large!) Great Danes, who went through the program, with his person:

SO. Are you ready to fall in love with some serious Great Dane puppy cuteness? That was a rhetorical question, because we know the answer is yes! There are so many different cameras and places the dogs could be at any given moment, so we went ahead and included all the live feeds. You’re welcome.

Here’s are two live streams from the Great Dane nursery (I just saw three puppies sleeping on each other, and my heart skipped a beat):

Here’s a view of Puppy Hill (Puppy Hill?!? Stop with the adorableness. JK keep going.):

And here’s the arena cam, which is full of toys and obstacle courses for the pups:

The indoor puppy room of cuddly happiness:

Warning: Sometimes the puppies aren’t in the shots because they’re out living their puppy lives. But when they come back? Swoon.

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