Guys, watch out for this sneaky iTunes email scam

Email scams have gotten smarter since the days when “Uncle Rob” e-mailed you from Europe asking for financial help in return for even greater compensation when they got out of whatever trouble they were in or returned back home… Now, you need to watch out for a new iTunes email scam!


According to a report in This is Money, users are receiving fake receipts that appear to be from Apple’s iTunes store, confirming charges made to the user’s account for things like a Netflix subscription.

The user then panics — we would too! — for being charged for something they didn’t purchase, or have already paid for, and clicks the in-email links to manage their subscription or get a refund.

The website then prompts the user to enter their credit card and/or account information to fix the fake problem and then BAM — the scammers have your account information.


The fake receipts aren’t always from or for fraudulent Netflix charges, however. They can be for an album on iTunes, or for an Amazon purchase you never made. Moral of the story is this, folks:

Always check the email address official emails originate from. Especially when it has to do with money.

If you’re unsure of whether or not an email is legitimate, check the email address first. If you recognize it, and it’s one you’ve received legitimate communication from in the past, you’re good to go. But if you have any hesitation for any reason, go with your gut!

Double check the legitimacy of any website before you enter any financial information.


When it comes to your personal information or money, you can’t be too careful. So double-check everything, and keep the chill in your Netflix subscription.

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